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EDV robots are featured by their compact size; the joints are installed with high precision gearbox, high speed joints can flexibly work in small working spaces and perform handling, palletising, assembly and other operations with flexible installation.

  • Effective payload 50Kg, maximum reach 2061mm
  • Mainly suitable for workplaces with medium loads and wide ranges.
  • Large Work Space
  • Stable Performance
  • High Running Speed
  • Excellent General Performance
  • Modular Design Of The Mechanical Structure
Payload 50Kg
Max. Reach 2061mm
Number Of Axes 6
Repeatability +/-0.07mm
Max. Motion +/- 180°
Range Of Axes +135° / -90°
+251° / -170°
+/- 360°
+/- 125°
+/- 360°
Max. Speed 180°/s
Of Axes 178°/s
Weight 555kg
  • Industry Application
  • Grinding
  • Machinery Industry
  • Automobile Assembly Industry
  • Spot Welding
  • Medium Payload Applications
  • Handling, Palletising and Casting
    • i. More Flexibility, More stable performance, lower energy consumption
    • ii. Errors are reduced to a minimum degree through the visual function of robots (if used)
    • iii. Maximise throughput with high speed performance
    • iv. Prolonged running time
    • v. Fixed Automation
  • Assembly and Welding
    • i. Stabilize and improve the welding quality to ensure homogeneity.
    • ii. Improve production efficiency, 24 hour continuous production
    • iii. Improve working conditions of workers, can realize long term work in harmful environment
    • iv. Lower requirements for workers’ operating techniques
    • v. Shorten the cycle of product modification and updating, reduce the corresponding investment in equipment
    • vi. Can achieve welding automation of mass production
    • vii. Save floor space