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EDV robots are featured by their compact size, small volume and lightweight. Our special arc welding robot can realise stable welding, obtain a high precision welding path, shorten the welding cycle and extend the service life of pipe fitting and cable. All cabling of EDV robots are optimised and vertical multi axis robot can work flexibly in narrow spaces. Mounting positions include floor, ceiling and wall.

  • Wrist limited payload 7Kg, maximum reach 1460mm
  • Small Volume
  • Lightweight
  • High Running Speed
  • High Repeatability
  • High Welding Stability
Payload 7KG
Max. Reach 1460mm
Number Of Axes 6
Repeatability +/-0.03mm
Max. Motion +/- 170°
Range Of Axes +133° / -80°
+165° / -130°
+/- 180°
+/- 115°
+/- 360°
Max. Speed 200°/s
Of Axes 260°/s
Weight 120kg
  • Industry Application
  • Electric, Electrical Appliance
  • Grinding
  • Plastic Processing
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Arc Welding and Cutting
    • i. Stabilize and improve the welding quality to ensure homogeneity.
    • ii. Improve production efficiency, 24 hour continuous production
    • iii. Improve working conditions of workers, can realize long term work in harmful environment
    • iv. Lower requirements for workers’ operating techniques
    • v. Shorten the cycle of product modification and updating, reduce the corresponding investment in equipment
    • vi. Can achieve welding automation of mass production
    • vii. Save floor space
  • Material Handling
    • i. More Flexibility, More stable performance, lower energy consumption
    • ii. Maximise throughput with high speed performance
    • iii. Prolonged running time
    • iv. Fixed Automation