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EDP robots adopt 4-axis design, featured by simplified structure, low failure rate, easy operation, low energy consumption, less floor area and other advantages. With powerful wrist payload capacity, it can easily complete the tasks of handling. The handling robots are mainly applied to workplaces with large payloads and wide ranges. EDP4050 Features: wrist payload capacity of 50kg, maximum working radius of 1893mm.

  • Effective payload 50Kg, maximum reach 1893mm
  • Large work space
  • Stable performance
  • High running speed
  • Excellent general performance
  • Modular design of the mechanical structure
Payload 50KG
Max. Reach 1893mm
Number Of Axes 4
Repeatability +/-0.5mm
Max. Motion +/- 180°
Range Of Axes +80° / -35°
+15° / -105°
+/- 350°
Max. Speed 185°/s
Of Axes 215°/s
Weight 670kg
  • Industry Application
  • Palletising, Packaging, Handling and Stamping
    • i. More Flexibility, More stable performance, lower energy consumption
    • ii. Maximise throughput with high speed performance
    • iii.Prolonged running time
    • iv. Fixed Automation